Adult activities - Morning mid-mountain hikes

On discovery walks you will enjoy nature, learn about local tradition as the reason of irrigation channels (the so-called 'bisses' in French) and even social history. At the same time, you will be participating in a healthy 3 hours exercise-walking. From 5 persons.

From the spring time until early autumn several discovery and mid-mountain hikes explores the local nature through a series of interests as irrigation channels, water falls, vineyards, scenic points, historic roads, nature-made monuments. 

Mid-mountain trek
Discovery hike
Discovery walk of irrigation channels
Morning, from 5 persons:
CHF 45.-/person



Because the climate in the Valais is so dry, farmers have for centuries built irrigation canals, the so-called 'bisses' in French. Crans-Montana area owns lots of ancient irrigation channel network that is still in use today. Those magical water trail are particularly suitable for families and casual hikers. This is because the aqueducts were laid out more or less an equal altitude, with the result that there are no significant climbs or descents. Keep in mind that Crans-Montana is situated at 1500m above sea level and is considered as one of the sunniest locations in Switzerland - over 300 blue days - clear and cool alpine air with mediterranean sun. A breathtaking view of the Matterhorn and other 4000m peaks combines with a huge network of discovering hiking and trekking trails.