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TC SKI / SNOWBOARD - Departure Crans 
Details of the prices of the courses. To register, please click on the type of course you want.

Morning classes
09h00am -11h50am

6 consecutive courses CHF 75.-/course
5 consecutive courses CHF 80.-/course
Non-consecutive course(s) CHF 100.-/course

Afternoon classes
01h30pm - 04h25pm

6 consecutive courses CHF 64.-/course
5 consecutive courses CHF 68.-/course
Non-consecutive course(s) CHF 90.-/course


Full day course + meal
09h00am - 04h25pm 

6 consecutive courses CHF 115.-/course
5 consecutive courses CHF 125.-/course
Non-consecutive course(s) CHF 155.-/course


Special offers

Saturday + Sunday courses
09h00am - 04h25pm + 09h00am - 11h50am
CHF 190.-/course
10 non-consecutive mornings weekend
09h00am - 11h50am
CHF 70.-/course
10 non-consecutive days weekend + meals
09h00am - 04h25pm
CHF 105.-/course