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INCENTIVES & Team-building

What is the value of a teambuilding ?

Outdoor activities, incentives and teambuilding different things focusing on the same goal: to strengthen working relationships through motivation, engaging activities. Of proven value for developing both individuals and organizations, our carefully-planned programs exploit the close links between activity-based learning and the workplace.

With both sport and work characterised by skills, competition and collaboration, motivation, commitment, time management and stress, we enable enhancement of individual and team performance through focussed and rewarding group experiences.

Programs for corporates adapt to the focus and aims of organizations, ranging from leadership development, team building and tailored goal-oriented programs. Depending on needs and objectives, these can be of several hours’ duration right up to multiple-day programs, and can include door-to-door services including transport, accommodation, meals, seminars, evening activities, etc.

Why choose us ?

In line with research on the way in which skills acquired in outdoor teambuilding activities transfer into professional life, Swiss Mountain Sports has developed engaging competence-based activities focusing on motivation, competition and collaboration, time-keeping, and other important elements of competence. All programs are tailor-made. While it is rewarding to experience these in the beautiful alpine environs of Crans-Montana and the Rhone valley, we have the capacity to create and manage bespoke programs throughout Switzerland, and indeed beyond – both in Europe and worldwide.

Our offer

  • we carefully build our teambuilding and corporate programs in house; all members of our skilled teams are our own staff,

  • we have a large competence and expertise in a wide range of activities and programs, with a broad client base,

  • we can arrange programs from several hours’ duration to a number of days,

  • our references come from a wide range of local and international companies, all demanding

  • we can develop provision in locations throughout Switzerland, in Europe, and worldwide as well as welcoming clients to Crans-Montana, our base location in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Some of our references
BANK DIVISION  Credit Suisse – BNP – IMA – Raiffeisen – Postfinance – MRI Trading – Global Blue – Banque Pictet
PHARMACEUTICAL FIRMS  Bayer International – Axis Dental – Uditis – Stryker – Novartis – Thomas Bonaud SA - Drossapharm – Ethicon - Medtronic – Debiopharm – OMSV
INDUSTRY  Contrinex – Addax Petroleum – Newell – Tetra Pak – Johnson & Johnson – SQLI – Charmilles Technologies – Jaegger LeCoultre – Canon – DELL – Toyota
INSURANCES  La Vaudois – Symphony SA
MASS RETAIL & FOOD  Nestlé – Nestec – Migros – Kronenbourg – Naville – Ricola – Agro Companies
MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS  Swisscom – Radio Télévision Suisse – Orange – Publigroup – T-System – Sunrise – LTV Les Pages Jaunes
TABAC INDUSTRY  Philip Morris – Japan Tobacco International – BAT
OTHER DIVISIONS  Cusmic – CFF – Louis Vuitton – Suez Environnment – OTIS – Luxotica – EA – Girard-Perregaux - PriceWaterhouseCoopers – Von Rundstedt – Cartier SA – Autocorner - Tudor Watches – Mont-Blanc - and more…

Teambuilding – all year round corporate programs

Our Olympiads provide teams with an opportunity to rotate through number of exciting and challenging activities; including archery; giant skis; DVA research; GPS transceivers; slalom Skyver scooters; 1-meter-long brush masterpiece painting, Hockey game; and much more. A winter version can be organized if snow conditions permit. Olympiad teambuilding activities are suitable for everyone, and huge fun. These events can be organised in any location.

Raid adventure
A ‘raid’ is a multi-sport activity designed around ‘missions’ which put teams through tough physical challenges. Missions are formed of combined activities, tailored to specific needs and customized for all fitness levels. Extreme sports can replace ‘suitable-for-all’ activities to match specific needs and objectives. The winter version can include snowshoe activities and other snow sports. These events can be organised in any location.

Orienteering rally
This teambuilding activity takes teams through complex orienteering tasks in demanding outdoor settings. The team must develop an effective strategy and learn to make the very best use of maps, clues, compasses, and GPS transceivers. The activity includes ‘on-the-go’ challenges, increasing excitement and engagement. We can vary this event in dozens of ways – itinerary, duration, environment, by day or night – to suit client requirements and to match the seasonal conditions. All locations, any resorts, including 100% urban environment as major cities.

Scenic helicopter flight experience
Helicopter flights above the Alps are a breathtaking experience in their own right. They can easily contribute to our teambuilding programs – with the flight ranging from those with allow groups to share amazing experiences such as an aperitif on a mountain peak, to rapid transit between various spots of activities. Transfers can be included in our all-in-one tailored events, getting clients swiftly to activities such as glacier trekking experiences. We can arrange any tailored helicopter flights, to suit clients’ needs regarding schedule and event timetable.

Teambuilding – on-the-snow corporate programs

Corporate ski-break weekends
We are based in Crans-Montana, and know every centimetre of this extensive resort. But we also arrange short break ski events at other to Swiss, French, German, Austrian and Italian ski resorts. Swiss Mountain Sports can offer dedicated assistance and services for any ski trip. We offer a tailored service to meet all client needs – from transfers and flights to accommodation, meals, ski passes, ski guiding, tuition, etc.

Night-time toboggan descent
This has proved a tremendously popular activity and with good reason. The night toboggan descent can be staged in a large variety of resorts. With the help of headtorches and guides, clients can escape into the serene night-time beauty of the natural winter playground. We can include a fondue dinner at a mountainside venue, a great end to a day. The toboggan activity can be a stand alone event or can be an addition to other elements of our winter teambuilding programs.

Avalanche awareness experience
The mountains have their objective dangers. However, the risks can be minimized significantly by making well-informed decisions about which terrain is safe, in contrast to that which is unstable and dangerous. Our IFMGA guides are experts in mountain travel and in introducing people to risk-mitigation in the alpine environment. This safety-focussed program will teach you awareness of mountain conditions, effective use of specialist equipment – including transceivers, probes and shovels, and how to test snow conditions to assess risk levels before venturing onto snow-laden slopes.

Ski racing slalom
Why not invite your employees, colleagues or clients to participate in an alpine ski competition? We can prepare slalom courses or cross-country relay events. There are different options for race format, but all provide an unforgettable against-the-clock experience. Our experience in large, official racing means that we can reproduce the excitement and features of format racing in small, bespoke events. We can provide a podium ceremony, the experience of mixing with celebrities from the world of ski racing, and outdoor catering as a complement to the racing itself.

Construction & racing of hand-made sleds
Our team-buildings related to the construction and racing of sleds is the winter version of one of our emblematic challenges which is the construction of rafts, in summer. They develop the teams' competitive spirit very quickly as they work together to build and craft their own wooden sleds, making sure to make their construction sturdy enough to compete in the ensuing race. A snowy, flat surface is likely to accommodate such a winter program.

Teambuilding – spring, summer and autumnal corporate programs

Construction & racing of hand-made rafts
Our activities involving construction and racing of rafts are one of our signature teambuilding challenges. It will ignite your teams’ competitive fire as they work together to build and make their own makeshift rafts – or sleds during the snowy months- working hard to make their construction sufficiently robust, and aiming to be the first across the line. If the crystal-clear lakes of the Alps are our preferred location, we have also used lakes in many other locations for this engaging activity.

Golf enthusiast challenge
What does playing golf well have in common with successful corporate life? Both require commitment, trust, creativity, and imagination to achieve a set goal. Programs carefully built around golf can encourage corporations and organisations to take a fresh look at how their teams’ function and allow participants to perform at their best. These activities can be run in a wide range of locations. This is highly interactive, experiential event for corporate teams.

Mix of bicycle experiences
Cycling does not immediately come to mind as a basis for teambuilding – but we have used it as a basis for a range of really successful events. Bringing together various types of bikes – mountain bikes, downhill bikes, Skyver scooters, the latest e-bikes – allows us to offer engaging activities to a wide range of participants, who can range widely in physical fitness and skill level. This is an original and unusual way of exciting the motivation of colleagues and clients and having a great time in a wonderful environment.

Teambuilding – specific theme corporate programs

The Great Alcatraz Escape
This event provides participants with amusing yet engaging immersion in an imagined context – but played out through exciting activities. Based around the theme of escape, it involves convict uniforms, loss of orientation, avoiding main roads, decision-making… and even police patrols! The event starts with the escape of participating ‘prisoners’ from the vehicle in they were being transferred to a high security jail, who then find themselves in a total unfamiliar location. Fortunately, mystery sponsors of the escape left instructions and survival kits. This program can be organized in any destination, in any season.

Communication Skills Improvement
This teambuilding activity offers a selection of both outdoor events and indoor workshops with teams, carefully designed and focused on communication. These are designed to help participants develop better understanding of management and leadership situations, transferring this back into their personal and professional lives. This is based on challenges from practical settings in which groups compete in activities connected with ‘control centre teams’ communicating with ‘explorer teams. This themed program can be run in any location and all-year with various tailored options.

Incentives - Seminars – Meetings - Forums

In addition to our teambuilding programs, we can provide all related associated services.

HR services
Lecturers – Orators – Speakers – Former sport celebrities – Technical staff – Event coordinators – Consulting assistances – Administrative managing – Welcoming hosts – translators

Logistic services
Auditoriums- Fully equipped seminar & conference rooms – Accommodation – transfers – Sound Systems – Audio – Check-in administration – Location projects – Personalized souvenir prizes – VIP services

Incentives – snowy months programs
Curling – Snowshoeing – Heli-skiing – Night torch descent -  X-country skiing – Walliser raclette night – Ski tuitions & guiding – Freeride skiing – Snowtubing – Snow sculpture

Incentives – snow-free months programs
Skyver Scooter – Rafting – Canyoning – Climbing –Downhill bike and MTB  Weekend session – Via ferrata – E-Biking – Summer ski – BBQ – Biking Camp – Extreme Adventure Park

Incentives – all season programs
Mountaineering – Archery – Glacier hiking – Cellar visit & wine tasting – Air rifle shooting – Indoor climbing – Wellness – Gastronomy – Trekking